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The Bulldog Values

Absolute Truth is the basis of honesty and integrity. Absolute Truth is derived from the Greek word Aletheia.  It applies to our speech and our actions.  It compels us to take ownership of our mistakes, and it drives us in our studies.  Christ embodied truth and told Pilate before His death that he came to bear witness to the truth and all those who are His hear the truth.  This fact is why we listen to the voice of truth in every area of our studies.

God-Like Love is an unconditional love that never waivers.  The Greek word Agape, which we translate as love, means a love that transcends.  When we love one another, we can practice patience.   When we love one another, we can forgive wrongs.  When we love one another, we can look beyond ethnic, economic, regional, or national differences.  When we love one another, all men will know that we are Jesus' disciples.  This type of love is one of the reasons BBA hosts one of the most diverse student bodies with students from all over the United States, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Moral Excellence is sometimes translated from the Greek word Arete as virtue.  Virtue is doing what is right no matter the situation.  For us, moral excellence builds on the concepts of truth and love.  When we know the truth, and when we love God and people, we will do what is right.  We will seek to assist other people.  We will perform all of our tasks to completion and the best of our abilities.  We are not willing to take shortcuts and underperform.  This character trait is one of the reasons that BBA students and alumni hold a good reputation as hardworking, dependable citizens in our community.

Unity of the Spirit comes from a Greek word Henotes, which means "as one."  We have a Preschool.  We have an Elementary School.  We have a Middle School and a High School.  We are not four schools.  We are one; We Are Berean Baptist Academy.  Our students go to many churches, but we are one academy.  We come from many families, but we are one academy.  It is the unity provided by the Holy Spirit that allows us to be many members in one body.  It is why we can say, "Whether, at home, church, or school, we are called by Christ. We are committed to proclaiming Him, because no matter where we are, we are Christian."