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Berean Baptist Academy is currently accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year in the following areas:


There are currently no open positions.

There are currently no open positions.

High School Positions



There are currently no open positions.

Middle School Positions

There are currently no open positions.

The are currently no open positions.

Elementary School Positions


Lower Elementary (K5 - 2nd) Teacher for 2018-2019. Please email your resume to

Upper Elementary (3rd - 4th) Teacher for 2018-2019. Please email your resume to

There are currently no open positions.

Preschool Positions


Preschool (K3 - K4) Teacher for 2018-2019. Please email your resume to

Now accepting resumes for Teacher Assistants for the 2018-2019 school year.

Now accepting resumes for Before School and After School Extended Care workers for the 2018-2019 school year.


General Job Description

To teach and/or supervise courses and activities in accordance with their degree and contract

Skills and Qualifications

Must be certified by the State of North Carolina

Bachelors' degree is preferred

Must be a member of Berean Baptist Church

Must be in complete agreement with the church covenant and articles of faith

Must remain actively involved in outreach and a church ministry

Must adhere to the policies set forth in the employee handbook and employee expectations

Must have excellent communication skills especially with fellow staff and parents

Must take responsibility, meet deadlines, and make progress without direct supervision

Must be proficient in MS Office and familiar with a learning management system (Renweb preferred)

Must be able to stand long periods of time, walk up to ¼ mile at a time, climb stairs repeatedly throughout the day, raise arms overhead for extended period of time, lift 30 pounds, and be in overall good physical and mental condition


All faculty and staff are required to create an environment where students are encouraged to use their talents within the local ministry by exemplifying the Christian lifestyle, consistent with the Academy's Statement of Faith, and to minister to students through prayer and guidance while performing their duties. 

Inventory and maintain accountability of departmental property

Monitor student progress, discipline, and grades and report any issues as soon as possible

Communicate weekly with parents concerning classroom learning activities and other school related events via email

Support the athletic and fine arts programs

Seek membership in a professional learning community that corresponds with your degree

Increase student conceptual understanding

Research and recommend changes to curriculum to ensure the academy has the best Christian materials for your academic discipline

Demonstrate proficiency with educational technology equipment


Abstain from the use of any form of tobacco, alcohol, or any illegal drug

Refrain from fighting and insubordinate conduct

Refrain from stealing or misappropriating church property or resources

Refrain from attending any location that would be morally questionable, such as nightclubs and other similar establishments

Be very careful about the content in the movies and television they watch, the music they listen to, and the websites they view

Live in such a manner that others can see that Jesus is their Lord

Tithe from their gross income to the church

Pay their bills on time and manage their personal finances in such a way as to bring honor to Christ

Work diligently to grow in their knowledge of the Word of God

Be conscious of opportunities to witness, share the gospel, and invite others to church

Participate in the Men’s or Women’s ministry depending on gender

Use the ESV Bible in the classroom

Be faithful to all worship services and other special events

Be an active part of a Sunday Adult Bible Fellowship Class or serve in a ministry during that time

Participate in at least one ministry/service opportunity of the church

Dress appropriately and modestly

Resign their employment at the point that it is impossible to support the pastor’s vision, philosophy, and intent for ministry