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Expected Student Outcomes

BBA has established the following student outcomes to measure our ability to produce G.R.A.D.S.:

As Growing Disciples our students will:

  • Believe in the person and work of Jesus Christ
  • Integrate biblical principles and values into life
  • Exhibit Christ-like virtues and ethics
  • Know the Bible narrative, concepts, and major doctrines
  • Recognize that they are an image bearer of God
  • Actively participate in their local church by being a member and serving in a ministry

As Responsible Citizens our students will:

  • Utilize and care for all resources responsibly as a gift from God
  • Respect diversity while rejecting sin and false doctrines
  • Work well with people and work hard to accomplish goals
  • Work with little or no supervision
  • Practice financial stewardship
  • Seek to promote Christ’s kingdom

As students who achieve Academic Excellence, our students will:

  • Analyze and synthesize concepts within various contexts
  • Possess a broad base of knowledge
  • Pursue ongoing learning to prepare for the next stage, to include a career
  • Exhibit the ability to integrate content from multiple subjects
  • Exhibit the ability to think creatively and critically
  • Utilize technology responsibly and effectively

Students who possess the ability to Discern Truth will:

  • Make ethical decisions from a biblical worldview
  • Think logically and ascertain the truth
  • Possess the ability to develop, articulate, and defend a biblical worldview
  • Make decisions in dress and deportment that presents the student as modest and appropriate to the setting
  • Participate in social media in a manner that promotes godliness and sensitivity to others
  • Choose entertainments that do not detract from the reputation of Christianity

A student who is characterized as a Servant Leader will:

  • Use their gifts and talents to serve others -Cultivate their talents and use them in ministry
  • Steward their time and resources in order to assist others
  • Model a Christ-like lifestyle with their peers
  • Humbly serve their parents and siblings at home
  • Actively care for members of the greater community through prayer and acts of service