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The goal of BBA is to produce growing disciples of Jesus Christ, who recognize God’s presence in every aspect of life, are academically prepared for life after high school, are capable of discerning godliness, and desire to serve Christ by serving others with their life. This is best represented by the acrostic GRADS:

  • Growing Disciples (People who exhibit Christ-likeness in thought and action)
  • Responsible Citizens (Practitioners of biblical patriotism)
  • Academically Excellent (Excellence in the arts, academics, and athletics)
  • Discerning (The ability to think critically and biblically)
  • Serving Christ by serving others (Servant-leadership)

Through this acronym in practice, students will grow spiritually and academically.

Furthermore, students will learn to take personal responsibility that should reflect a willingness to serve at home and to minister within the community. Therefore, it is the goal of BBA to provide service opportunities to nursing homes, within BBC and BBA, and other agencies as they are identified. Finally, the number of students and alumni who faithfully serve in local churches, as full members and not regular attendees, are the measure of BBA success.