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The Parent and Student Handbooks


2018-2019 K5-12th Grade Student Manual
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Preschool Handbook

Dear Parents,

As the pastor of Berean Baptist Church, I want to thank you for allowing us the privilege to minister to your child. The goal of our Academy is to prepare our students intellectually and spiritually. We desire that our students will be successful in the colleges and careers that they choose. We also desire that they find success, as the Bible defines it, in their service of King Jesus.

Our priority is to provide an environment where your child can receive an excellent education from a Biblical worldview. We make every effort to equip our students with all that they need to do the will of God, by the grace of God, to the glory of God.

It is imperative that every student who attends our Junior High or Senior High also faithfully attends our church or one of like faith. It is a privilege to attend BBA, and students who refuse to embrace the standards, values, and beliefs we hold to be true - will not be permitted to return.

The Bible states, “...a threefold cord is not easily broken.” When a home, church, and Christian school are unified in their desire to “train up a child in the way he should go,” that child will be well prepared for a future committed to glorifying God. We believe that the final years of high school are critical and still formative; therefore, it is imperative that our students’ parents fully support the objective of the church and school.

Regardless of whether or not you are a member of this church, I am available to you as a pastor and want you to know that I think of everyone in the Academy as a part of our family. You are always welcome to any worship service, Bible study, or special activity.

Proclaiming Christ,

Sean E. Harris


Dear Parents,

Thank you for considering Berean Baptist Academy. BBA exists to provide an excellent education firmly grounded in a Biblical Worldview that challenges students to “Recognize” God in all academic pursuits, to “Understand” the truths He reveals through learning, and to “Apply” those lessons to their individual life. Our educational programs prepare students for college, careers, and Christian living.

Your choice of Christian education is one of great importance. By your choice alone, we understand that you desire the best for your student spiritually, academically, and socially. The faculty and I realize there were many educational opportunities in our community. We do not take your trust in us lightly. We dedicate ourselves to our partnership and will always strive to create an environment that promotes learning spiritually, academically, and socially. Dedicated to Pastor Sean’s “Threefold Cord Vision,” it is our desire to form a partnership, which sees your student’s intellectual success and their lifelong dedication to Christ. Do not hesitate to contact the faculty or me with questions or concerns. Only together can we achieve our goals of college, career, and Christ-centered living.

I look forward to an exciting year of growth. God bless you as we learn and grow together in Christ. Thank you again for your trust in Berean Baptist Academy.

Serving Christ through Education,

Jack Farmer

Head of School


Dear Parents,

What a joy and privilege it is to be the Preschool Director at Berean Baptist Academy. Rest assured that loving your child, keeping them safe, and educating them through a Christ-centered, accelerated curriculum that emphasizes BBA’s Core Values is the goal of each preschool staff and faculty member every single day.

Please allow me to introduce myself so that we may get to know one another on a more personal level. My name is Mrs. Sandra Adams, and I grew up in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. At the tender age of nine years old, I unconditionally surrendered to putting my faith and trust in Jesus Christ and have never had to wonder where I will spend eternity someday. My salvation, in the perfect work of Christ alone, gives me a peace that passes all understanding. I am privileged to be the wife of Mr. Don Adams who also works for the Academy. God has blessed us with one daughter and two sons who have successfully graduated from the Academy and then went on to further their education in college.  Presently, our daughter is an Emergency Dept. nurse who is married to a soldier. Together they have one little girl.  Our son is a United States airman, is married, and has one son.  And lastly, our other son is a Pediatric I.C.U. nurse who is also married. We are truly blessed.

I am a graduate of Liberty University, in Virginia, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and have over thirty years of experience teaching in the classroom. Thirteen of those years were here at the Academy in the Middle School Department, and now my focus and devotion are in the Preschool. Serving the Lord, spoiling my grandchildren, teaching school, and believe it or not--housecleaning are what I love to do the most; and I am grateful to the Lord for His calling in these areas.

It is always wonderful to meet you during the initial interview and then to see and speak with you again at the various programs and special events held by the Academy throughout the school year.

Parents, you have our word that all who are employed at Berean will continually strive to uphold the following statement:



Sandra Adams

Preschool Principal

Berean Baptist Academy, as a ministry of Berean Baptist Church, believes and teaches the doctrines of the Christian faith as embraced by the historic, Biblical, Baptist position.

We believe in the verbal inspiration and authority of the Scriptures. We believe the Bible reveals God, the fall of man, the way of salvation, and God’s plan and purpose in the ages. We believe in the Deity and virgin birth of Jesus Christ. We believe that God justifies by faith alone, and accounts righteousness by the merit of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s substitutionary atonement. We believe that salvation is “by grace” plus nothing and minus nothing. The conditions to salvation are repentance and faith. We believe in the visible, personal, and pre-millennial return of Jesus. We believe in the everlasting conscious punishment of the lost.

Berean Baptist Academy believes in the verbal, plenary inspiration of the Bible. The English Standard Version is the official translation for the academy. However, Berean Baptist Academy will honor any family who chooses to use the King James Bible as their preferred English translation.

The goal of BBA is to produce growing disciples of Jesus Christ, who recognize God’s presence in every aspect of life, are academically prepared for life after high school, are capable of discerning godliness, and desire to serve Christ by serving others with their life.

The school is an extension of the Christian home and church, not a replacement for them. It is important that children mature in a Christian home, faithfully attend a Bible-believing church, and receive a Christian education. As such, Berean Baptist Academy operates in conjunction with the home and church. Therefore, it is our desire that every family attend church regularly, which will better prepare the student to excel in the academic setting.

BBA is dedicated to training servant-leaders for the Kingdom of God at the academy. Therefore, we are just as committed to character development as intellectual learning—we believe both are essential parts of God’s sanctifying work in the life of a disciple of Christ. For our example, the Lord Jesus modeled the ultimate servant leadership when He washed the feet of the disciples. Moreover, He modeled for us the truth that leaders lead by serving others (Mark 10:44). Students at the Academy will be expected to serve in numerous ways. These acts of service are all designed to teach them the importance of living to help others and the importance of a solid work ethic. Students will be expected to help with a variety of age- appropriate, safe tasks to enhance and support the school. The tasks could involve the setup and takedown of chairs, tables, and other things as needed. Tasks might include helping other students with a newly taught concept or supporting teachers as aides. Students could also be asked to vacuum, wipe down boards, desks, tables, or take out the trash. Other tasks may include making copies, organizing bookshelves, answering the phone, filing documents, or working in the office. All of these tasks are similar to the chores children would be expected to do in their homes. Parents who object to their children being in an atmosphere that stresses the biblical philosophy of servant-leadership ideas may wish to consider another school. We believe that learning to do these tasks to the glory of God is an essential part of the students’ character development and better prepares them for what God has for them in the future. This volunteer work also helps reduce the cost of operating the school and helps keeps tuition at a minimum.


Berean Baptist Academy is registered and recognized by the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Education (NCDNPE) and is authorized to issue high school diplomas by the State of North Carolina. BBA is also a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), North Carolina Christian Schools Association (NCCSA), and the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS).


Berean Baptist Academy is a pursuing accreditation with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

These discipline guidelines may be amended during the year if the administration deems it necessary. The BBA learning community will be notified of any changes with an effective date of when the policy adjustment will take effect.

Requirements In the preschool, we adhere to an open enrollment policy; however, it is a privilege to attend the preschool. BBA makes no distinction in the admission of students based on race, gender, nationality, or ethnic origin. As a private Christian preschool, admission and attendance at the Academy is a privilege rather than a right. This privilege may be forfeited should a student or his parent(s) or guardian(s) fail to fully cooperate with school leadership decisions. Students and their parent(s)/guardian(s) will be re-evaluated at the conclusion of each school year to determine their eligibility for re-enrollment. Students may be dismissed at the discretion of school leadership should they or a parent/guardian fail to cooperate with school decisions.

Admission Guidelines

Students enrolling in our K3 program must be 3 years old and completely toilet-trained. Students enrolling in our K4 program will have to be 4 years old by August 31.

Berean Baptist Preschool is not equipped to offer special education services for and will not admit students with severe learning disabilities, behavioral issues, or medical conditions.

Non-Discrimination Policy

As a religious entity, Berean Baptist Academy is legally permitted to make enrollment decisions based upon religious criteria, including doctrinal and lifestyle issues. It is the policy of BBA to enroll students who subscribe without reservation to BBA’s Statement of Faith and Standards of Conduct and who are living out these doctrines and standards in all areas of their lives, both at and away from ministry functions. BBA does not discriminate in enrollment on the basis of race, color, sex (as determined at birth and not subject to change), national origin, age, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Communicable Diseases

While it is not the intent of Berean Baptist to discriminate against any child, a safe learning environment must be provided for the students. This includes protecting them from exposure to communicable disease. In the best interest of both the sick and the well child, it is the policy of the BBA not to accept students who have been diagnosed as carrying a communicable or potentially lethal disease. This policy includes, but is not limited to, diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). This applies also to students known to be infected with HTLV-III/LAV and to students testing positive for the presence of antibodies to the AIDS virus.

Procedures for Admission

Berean Baptist Academy utilizes an application packet, placement exams, record reviews, interviews, and administrative review before offering an opportunity for enrollment. Potential students can be denied enrollment at any point during the enrollment process. Each potential student must complete these steps before receiving an admissions decision.

● Complete the online application form to include a copy of the child’s birth certificate and a current current immunization record

● Pay the non-refundable application fee of $125 (Required for returning students)

● Schedule a tour of the Academy

● Conduct an interview with the appropriate principal/ Receive an email from the Admissions Office

● Enroll online

● Meet with the Finance Director to set up the tuition payment plan

● If there are concerns, the student may be contacted for a follow-up interview or dismissed from the academy The student course schedule is determined by comparing the student’s records with graduation requirements and current course offerings.

Reapplication Procedures

Berean Baptist Academy reviews all students annually for enrollment. Student records, behavior, and parental support are all factors in determining re-enrollment. Students desiring to re-enroll at Berean Baptist Academy must:

● Complete the re-enrollment application

● Pay the non-refundable application fee to reserve potential student roster spot

● Provide a current Pastoral Reference Form for the rising K5 students

● Have no outstanding debt to the Academy, parents will receive an acceptance or denial email. Upon acceptance, parents will set be expected to pay the book and resource fee on one of the listed dates

Transfer Students

All potential transfer students follow the same admissions process as potential new students.

Withdrawing Students

Parents may withdraw a student for any reason with a seven (7) day notice. The school also has the right, to ask students to withdraw, giving a seven (7) day notice. This provision is separate and apart from suspension or expulsion under the school’s disciplinary policies. If a child is withdrawn from school and receives any funds from the school, that child or the children in that child’s family will not be readmitted to the school.

When a child is withdrawn from school, either by the parents or guardians, or at the request of the school administration, the following policies shall govern that withdrawal:

● REGISTRATION FEES obligate the school to hold a place in the school for the student. These fees are non-refundable and are charged each year for new and returning students. These fees cover the school’s costs for paperwork, staff interviews, and record updates and changes. This fee is non-refundable in full or part whether the student fails to complete enrollment or withdraws before the end of the year.

● TUITION is charged on an annual basis. BBA will refund tuition only if a notice of withdrawal is given to the school in writing, signed by the parent or guardian, two weeks before the child is withdrawn. If a child is withdrawn by the request of the school, one week’s tuition will be charged and the remainder refunded.

● TRANSCRIPTS will not be released bills are paid.

● THERE is a withdrawal fee. BBA reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy on an individual basis.

Enrolling in Other Schools

When BBA receives a request for student records between school years, the student is withdrawn from the academy, even if they were enrolled for the upcoming school year. The first request to transfer a student’s record is free; however, there is a fee for subsequent requests. Academy graduates who request additional transcripts will be charged a fee. Please see the financial sheet for a schedule of fees.

The annual application fee is $125. This fee is non-refundable.

New Student Registration Fee

There is a $125 new student fee that covers records processing, standardized tests, and financial payment setup. This fee is collected following student acceptance to the academy and is due upon acceptance.

Tuition Fees

The preschool tuition of $5,900 covers the cost of the full day program offered at the academy. Accounts must be paid in full by August 1 or enrolled in the FACTS payment system. Accounts paid in full by July 1, via cash or check, receive a 2% discount. FACTS begins billing August 5 or August 20 and will bill monthly for 11 months.

Book and Resource Fees

The annual fee is $450. Students who pay their resource fee between the February 1 and June 30 will receive a $125 discount ($325 total cost). Beginning July 1, the full amount is due. If the book fee is not paid by the first day of school, the student enters withdrawn status and must reapply as a new student (if within one calendar year, the new student fee is waived).


Miscellaneous Fees

● Delinquent Payments: $50

● Returned Checks: $30

● Lost/Damaged Supplies: Replacement Cost

● Damaged Property: Replacement Cost

● Records Transfer: free first copy, $20 each additional copy

● Withdrawal Fee: $500

Available Discount

● Referral/New-Family Fee: 20% off the lowest tuition for the first year of the new family, and 10% off if that family returns the second year.


Fundraisers are held to benefit the school and our families. The school receives no federal assistance, nor is it endowed or supported by any organization. Students and parents are asked not to solicit outside fundraising campaigns for the academy.


The preschool uses a Christian curriculum to teach reading, writing, and numbers with an emphasis on character development and patriotism.


A collection of the student’s papers from the previous week and a weekly packet note from the school will be sent home every Monday.

Open communication between the teacher and the home is vital. Questions concerning discipline should be directed to the classroom teacher first. Parents should feel free to contact the preschool principal  as needed.

Proper Speech/Language

“In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity, sound speech that cannot be condemned...” Titus 2:7-8a

We expect all of our students to abstain from:

● Using God’s name or a substitute word for expressions of emotions. (Leviticus 20:7)

● Using profanity, vulgarity, or slang terms. (I Peter 2:1)

● Using unkind, offensive, or hurtful words. (Ephesians 4:29)

● Mocking sins that God condemns. (Proverbs 14:9)


Christians are supposed to treat everyone with the proper respect and are to show deference to those in authority. Such conduct as direct disobedience, disrespect, bullying, temper tantrums, biting, fighting, and complaining will not be tolerated.

Classroom Behavior

Students are to abide by the rules of their classroom.

Physical Contact

No student shall intentionally engage in physical contact of any kind with any student unless directed by a School Official for the purpose of a School recreational activity such as physical education.

Corrective Discipline for K3-K4

Many forms of correction are used in the preschool including reminding the student of the classroom rules, calling the child by name, eye-to-eye contact, etc. However, if the child’s behavior continues to be disruptive, one of the child’s parents may be called to administer swats or take the child home for the remainder of the day if all other forms of discipline fail. When this happens, it is imperative that parents respond to the call within one hour. Only the child’s parent or legal guardian may privately administer swats on the property. These discipline guidelines may be amended during the year if the administration deems it necessary.


Students attending the preschool wear a school uniform. Students attending the preschool must present a conservative, traditional appearance. Little girls need to look like girls, and little boys need to look like boys. This applies to haircuts, earrings, jewelry, etc. Hair for male students cannot touch the ear, eyebrows, or shirt collar. Haircuts are to be traditional and masculine in nature. Hair must not cover any portion of the ear and must be worn above the eyebrows. NO braids/dreadlocks/corn rows, designs, mohawks, or faddish haircuts will be allowed. As necessary, our teachers will clarify our expectation with the parents as the need arises throughout the year.


The boy’s uniform consists of black or khaki non-cargo pants, preschool polo or t-shirt, and gym friendly VELCRO or slip-on shoes/sneakers or closed toed sandals with a back strap. Knee length black or khaki non-cargo shorts may be worn in warmer months. An elastic waistband on pants or shorts is highly recommended. Necklaces and earrings are not allowed to be worn by boys. A single part is allowed at the point where a traditional part would be combed into the hair. Hair length may not exceed 1" from the scalp. 


The girl’s uniform consists of a black or khaki skort, black or khaki pants, preschool polo or t- shirt, and gym friendly VELCRO shoes/sneakers or close toed sandals with a back strap. Necklaces and dangling earrings present a potential hazard and are therefore prohibited.

Parents refusing to comply with the preschool’s policies will be asked to take their child home.


School buildings have been inspected by a licensed inspector and no “asbestos containing” building materials were found.

Binding Arbitration

SECTION 1 - SUBMISSION TO ARBITRATION Believing that lawsuits between believers are prohibited by Scripture, all members of this church and/or those who place their children in the church’s Christian school ministry agree to submit to binding arbitration any matters which cannot otherwise be resolved, and expressly waive any and all rights in law and equity to bringing any civil disagreement before a court of law, except that judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.

SECTION 2 – NOTICE OF ARBITRATION In the event of any dispute, claim, question, or disagreement arising out of or relating to this school handbook or other school matter, the parties shall use their best efforts to settle such disputes, claims, questions, or disagreement as befits Christians. To this effect, they shall consult and negotiate with each other in good faith and, recognizing their mutual interests not to disgrace the name of Christ, seek to reach a just and equitable solution. If they do not reach such solution within a period of sixty (60) days, then upon notice by either party to the other, disputes, claims, questions, or differences shall be finally settled by arbitration as described in section 1, above, and such Procedures for Arbitration as are adopted pursuant to Section 3, below.

SECTION 3 – LIMITATIONS ON ARBITRATION DECISIONS The Procedures for Arbitration shall be adopted by the pastor and the board of deacons.


Students may celebrate birthdays by bringing simple, store bought individually-wrapped treats for their classmates and teachers. Please notify the teacher one day in advance.

Change of Address or Phone Number

Please contact the school office with any address or phone number changes.

Electronic Devices

Students are not allowed to bring electronic devices to the preschool.  BBA will not be held responsible.

Emergency Announcements

Berean Baptist Academy will make weather related decisions concerning the school days as the need arises. Official notifications will be sent via text message and email through the RenWeb program.

In the event of an emergency on campus (fire, police, environmental, or a detailed email with instructions for picking up children. Official notifications will be sent via the RenWeb program. Please, do not call the school as phone lines may be required to communicate with emergency personnel.

Movies, TV, and all forms of Entertainment

BBA encourages parents to closely guard what these little eyes watch on TV, the Internet or at a theater. Preschoolers with entertainment practices contrary to the philosophy of Berean Baptist Academy may not be allowed to continue attending the Preschool or Academy.

Illness at School

The office will contact the parents if the child needs to go home. Children who have vomited, have diarrhea, or have a fever of 100 degrees or higher should not come to school for at least 24 hours after the symptoms have ceased. This will help prevent the spread of sickness to other students and teachers. Also, it is REQUIRED that a parent respond within the hour when contacted to pick up a sick student from BBA.


Accident insurance covering students while at school or while participating in a Preschool or Academy sponsored activity is provided by Berean Baptist Academy. This insurance is supplementary to personal medical insurance. The school does not accept financial responsibility for accidents occurring at the school or school functions as agreed to in the liability release form. All questions regarding claims should be directed to the Financial Office.


Preschool Morning students who stay for the lunch segment will be charged the lunch fee plus the Extended Care Fee. See the Preschool/Extended Care Billing Preference Form for fees. The cost of the lunch is included in the full-day tuition.

Medical Requirements

Preschool students must present and have on file in the Preschool building evidence of proper, current immunization. Students who lack proper immunizations will not be allowed to attend school until immunization records are brought up-to-date. By law, Berean Baptist Preschool will not administer over-the-counter medicine. With proper documentation, the teacher/staff member will administer prescribed medication.

Personal Belongings

BBA cannot be responsible for any personal items, to include expensive electronic devices, left at the school by a student. Personal items should be clearly labeled to help them be returned to the owner. Personal items must not promote the personalities of rock music stars, negative or mystical super heroes with mystical powers, or scantily dressed characters.

Special Meetings

Parents are expected to attend Parent Orientation Night, the Christmas Program, the end of year Preschool Program, and any other special parent meetings such as Parent/Teacher Conferences.


No toys or live animals are to be brought to school without permission. Some classes will have planned “show and tell” or special days when these items may be brought.


All visitors must report to the preschool office before entering a classroom. Visitors, including parents and friends of students during school hours, must have their visit approved by the preschool principal. Please call at least one day in advance of the visit. Visitors must dress modestly. All visitors must wear a badge identifying that they have checked in at the main school office.


Volunteers do a lot and are tremendously appreciated. BBA requires all volunteers to dress modestly and act in accordance with the Academy’s standards. All volunteers must give permission for a criminal background check to be conducted prior to volunteering at Berean Baptist Academy Preschool.


Every BBA family is required to create a RenWeb Parent Account. This account provides the school with an accurate email address for critical and routine communications. Furthermore, this account allows the parent to view their child’s grades, homework assignments, attendance records, and to receive information concerning upcoming events. A complete instructional guide on how to create this account is available in the school office.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Teachers may be contacted directly or they may be reached through the office. Any situation that is not adequately addressed through a parent/teacher conference should be referred to the Preschool Director.

Teacher Email

BBA faculty has an official school email supported by Google. The faculty emails are Teachers are expected to communicate periodically throughout the quarter concerning special school events and major projects. Additionally, teachers are expected to return any emails within 24 hours of receiving an email, provided the email is received on a weekday. Any email sent on a weekend may have a delay in the response time. Should you not receive a response, please call the school office requesting verification of receipt. If you feel that a teacher is not communicating in an adequate manner as described above, you may contact the principal.

Conflict Resolution Procedures

Berean Baptist Academy operates in alignment with the teachings of Jesus Christ concerning conflict resolution. Parents are expected to speak with the teacher or appropriate administrative office via email, phone, or in a personal conference to resolve all academic and discipline issues before seeking the assistance of the principal. If a satisfactory resolution is not reached, parents may contact the principal to mediate a meeting between the parent or administrative office and the teacher. If a satisfactory resolution is not reached, the parent may request a meeting with the pastor or his designated representative, the principal, and the teacher or administrative office.

Believing that scripture forbids Christians from seeking lawsuits against one another, all members of BBC and those placing their children in BBA agree to submit to binding arbitration in the event that any matter cannot be resolved, and expressly waive any and all rights in law and equity to bringing any civil disagreement before a court of law, except that judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Notification of arbitration can occur sixty days (60 days) after the initial meeting to resolve the conflict.

Online Teacher Evaluations

Teacher evaluations are posted online for parents. Any parent may submit an evaluation of their teacher’s performance.