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Mr. Sejung Ra

Mr. Sejung Ra has been teaching music for ­­­­­­over 25 years. Mr. Ra has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Pai-Chai University, a Master degree in Professional Performance with the highest honors from HochSchule fuer Musik Köln standort Wuppertal (Germany), a Worship Leader Certificate from Grace College of Divinity (North Carolina), and is currently pursuing a Master degree in Music focused on instrumental conducting from East Carolina University. Mr. Ra also attended a conductor course in Accademia San Felice (Italy) and the Conductor Institute of South Carolina.

Mr. Ra was a member of the Nazional der Orchestra in Germany, where he participated in a national tour. He was also the clarinetist for Andiernusik Chamber Orchestra in Korea. He was also a member of Sin gen der bambus Woodwind Ensemble in Germany as well as the Chamber Players 21, the Deajeon Clarinet Ensemble, and the Jieum Clarinet Ensemble in Korea. Mr. Ra also taught music at the Hocheswagen Musikschule (Germany), the Pai-Chai University (Korea), and the Dae-Jeon Culture and Arts Center (Korea). Mr. Ra served as a petty officer for Clarinet Player in the Republic of Korean Navy Symphonic Band.

Mr. Ra was reported for the highest accomplishments in the West Deutherzeltung and the Rheinischer Post German newspapers in 2004 and has been recognized for his musical talent in Germany, Italy, Thailand, South Korea, and the United States. Mr. Ra has also won an award from Korea Dea-Jun Culture and Art Foundation in 2009.

Mr. Ra is currently a member of the Fayetteville Chamber Orchestra. He also teaches band and orchestra classes at Berean Baptist Academy.