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Theater originated in ancient Greece. Paragon is the Greek word in the present progressive meaning "continually striving for excellence."  We have dubbed our theater department: Paragon Theater.

Theater classes are offered to both Middle School and High School students. In class, they learn the history of theater, the purposes of theater, parts of the stage, and how to communicate individual characters as well as an overall message with their voices and body language. Students also learn how to plan for productions, use the light and sound equipment, as well as create costumes and makeup. They participate in at least two productions during the school year as well as compete at the NCCSA State Fine Arts Competition in as many as four different categories: humorous monologue, dramatic monologue, duet acting, and choric speaking.


Award History for NCCSA State Fine Arts Competition:

1st Place - MS Choric Speaking (2018-2019)

Upcoming Plays



"Did a member of the cast do it — or did someone in the audience? And just who was murdered, anyway? Get all the answers when you join us for the Berean Paragon Theatre’s production of the audience participation murder mystery comedy “You Have the Right to Remain Dead.” Find out what happened — to whom and by whom!

In “You Have the Right to Remain Dead,” narrator Harnell Chesterton takes us to visit a small community theater group staging a play set in the Deep South. The play’s characters are all in an uproar because Fat Daddy, the patriarch of the family, is about to change his will. Is Fat Daddy the target of the killer? Is his wife, Sweet Mamma, looking to do him in? Or is it his son Earl, daughter-in-law Savannah or daughter Hyacinth? Maybe it’s the hired hand Clete! But, wait — is it really Fat Daddy who is dead? Just wait until local police sleuth Officer Bainbridge begins his investigation! 

Join us on April 30, 6-9 PM when a murder occurs and everyone is suspect — including the cast, crew AND the audience — and everyone has a part in finding the killer. And remember . . . you’ll have the right to remain silent, but we bet you can’t hold in the laughter!"  

Fine Arts Performance 2018-2019