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Mrs. Jeong-seon Hong

Mrs. Jeong-seon Hong has been teaching music for ­­­­­­over 20 years. Mrs. Hong attended the High School of Art (Korea) before continuing her education and earning a Bachelor of Arts from Sejong University (Korea) and a Master degree from Leipzig Musikschule (Germany). Mrs. Hong played with the Hungarian Savaria Nation Symphony Orchestra and was a member of the German Stelzen Fest Orchestra. She was also featured on a CD recording with Maestro. Kurt Masur, and has won several awards in National Violin Competitions as a soloist and for chamber duet.


Mr. KeunJae Song

Mr. KeunJae Song has been teaching music for 26 years.  Mr. Song has earned a Bachelor degree from King Sejong University (Korea) and a Master degree from HochSchule fuer Musik Köln standort Wuppertal (Germany). He also attended HochSchule fuer Musik Zürich (Switzerland) and earned a Master degree from A. I. D. M. ROME (Italy).

 In South Korea, Mr. Song worked as an elementary violin teacher at King Sejong University, Myoung-Ji, and Sang-Myoung; he also worked as a middle school orchestra violin teacher at Eon-Buk. Mr. Song has also worked as a conductor for the Seoul Dream Youth Orchestra, the BAUM String Ensemble, the Korean National High School Ethnic Orchestra, and the Seong-Nam Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Mr. Song has performed solo recitals at the German Embassy in Helmstadt, Romania as well as the Eum-yeon Premiere, the Ceramic Palace Hall, and the Young-San Grace Hall in Seoul, South Korea. Mr. Song has performed more than 500 concerts for charity at hospitals, nursing homes, and orphanages. He also won the first-place award in the 2nd Korea-Japan International Competition in Seoul, South Korea.