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There is always something going on at Berean.  Take the time to read the latest news concerning past events or alumni.  You will discover what makes Berean more than just a private school.

The Latest at Berean

BBA Benefit Night

Join the BBA Bulldogs and The Fayetteville Marksman for BBA Benefit Night - February 25th.  Get your ticket today!


Fine Arts Concert

March 7th at 7:00 PM

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Our Mission and Vision

Berean Baptist Academy ultimately desires to produce Christian adults who embody certain characteristics.  We use the acronym G.R.A.D.S. to articulate these characteristics.  We believe that all Christians should be Growing Disciples, Responsible Citizens, Academically Excellent, be able to Discern Truth, and possess a willingness to Serve Others.

Therefore, our mission is to assist the parents of Berean Baptist Church, the greater Fayetteville area, and our global partners in the formation of Christian students through an education focused on responsible citizenship, academic scholarship, and servant leadership, all for the glory of God.  

Thus, BBA holds the vision that our students, as adults, will recognize that they are called by God to their chosen career fields and will be committed to proclaiming Christ while living a life that embodies our core values.  

Berean Baptist Academy's core values are God-like love, absolute truth, moral excellence, and unity of the Spirit.

Citizenship ~ Scholarship ~ Leadership

  • Growing Disciples
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    Growing Disciples

    We at Berean Baptist Academy think about the words of Christ when we think about “Growing Disciples.”  Christ told the Apostles to go into all the world and make disciples.  They were to teach them all the things that Christ taught and commanded.  Our faculty, staff, pastors, and administrators believe, that as we have been taught to follow Christ, it is our responsibility to teach the next generation of believers to follow Christ all the days of their life.  

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  • Responsible Citizens
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    Responsible Citizens

    The Bible tells us in Romans that everyone is to be "subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God."  Believing what God inspired, we teach students to glorify their Father in heaven by becoming productive, hardworking citizens of their countries.  

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  • Academic Excellence
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    Academic Excellence

    Christ told a parable in Matthew 25 about people who were given money.  Each one had to give an account of what they did with the money, and those who invested it, and grew it, were praised, and the one who hid it was rebuked.  The purpose of the parable was how we live our lives matter.  At BBA, we want each student to take what God has given them and to increase their academic talents.  We believe that God is honored when we give all we have for His glory.  Every student is challenged to reach their full potential academically.

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  • Discerners Of Truth
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    Discerners Of Truth

    The Gospel of John states, “For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.”  Apart from Christ we can never understand what is right in any particular situation, but with Christ we can know the truth and it can liberate believers.  Therefore, BBA not only encourages but expects students to live and speak in such a way that when people see them, they see people who are filled with grace and truth.  We not only teach absolute truth, but challenge students to identify truth when studying and discussing academics and life. 

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  • Servant Leaders
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    Servant Leaders

    “Let the greatest among you become as the youngest, and the leader as one who serves.” – Jesus Christ.  

    We believe that we are never more like Christ than when we serve others.  Christ, the King, came as a servant in His first advent leaving us the example of a servant leader.  He washed feet, and He commanded crowds.  He lived the balance in perfection, and if we are to be like Him, we must be able to serve while leading.  Students are challenged to serve others on a daily basis while being taught leadership principles....

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